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Motorcortex-Robot is a complete application suite for any type of robot. Both Serial Mechanisms (e.g. Anthropomorphic, Scara) as well as Parallel Mechanisms (Hexapods, Delta-robots) are supported. Features include:

  • Path planning (cartesian motion, joint motion)
  • Forward and inverse Kinematics and Dynamics
  • Motion Programming Language (move commands, set , get , math operators, unlimited variables, flow control (loop, if), triggers)
  • User interface (browser-based), so it can run on any modern mult-touch tablet or laptop
  • Manual Control (Smooth Jogging)
  • Compliance mode (for suitable robot hardware)
  • Collision Detection
  • Moving Reference Frames (for operation on for instance a conveyor belt)
  • Toolchanging
  • Palletizing Wizard
  • Python, C++, Javascript, C# API
  • Motorcortex open data interface (all robot internal data is available through API)
  • Data Streaming interface (option), to stream setpoint data in realtime to the robot

No training required

In a world where robots are quickly becoming a commodity, Vectioneer believes that robots should be programmable by anyone, without prior technical knowledge. MOTORCORTEX-Robot is therefore designed to provide a simple and easy to use User Experience, where all complexity is hidden inside MOTORCORTEX. We want you to tell the robot what it should do, not how to do it.

Moreover, using MOTORCORTEX-Canvas a domain-specific user interface can be easily created, making robot programming even easier for certain types of applications.