In 2016 Vectioneer started a Robot project in collaboration with Synapticon gmbh. During this project Vectioneer took care of the Robot software, For this project Vectioneer created the Motorcortex-Robot application. this Motorcortex-Robot application is a Motorcortex app that is generic for Any robot.

The goal for the Motorcortex-Robot application was:

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • No instalation Recuired

Also Vectioneer assisted in testing the Robot. Using Motorcortex-Desk all parameters in the Robot are available for the developer. Also it is possible for a developer to create Python tools for tests in Motorcortex. Using tools like the ferquency responce analyzer.

From the Syman project Vectioneer started testing the Motorcortex-Robot application on different systems. The Staubili TX90 was running within a week. Since then multiple Robots have run on the Motorcortex-Robot application.

Motorcortex-Robot is a complete application suite for any type of robot. Both Serial Mechanisms (e.g. Anthropomorphic, Scara) as well as Parallel Mechanisms (Hexapods, Delta-robots) are supported. Features include:

  • Path planning (cartesian motion, joint motion)
  • Forward and inverse Kinematics and Dynamics
  • Motion Programming Language (move commands, set , get , math operators, unlimited variables, flow control (loop, if), triggers)
  • User interface (browser-based), so it can run on any modern mult-touch tablet or laptop
  • Manual Control (Smooth Jogging)
  • Compliance mode (for suitable robot hardware)
  • Collision Detection
  • Moving Reference Frames (for operation on for instance a conveyor belt)
  • Toolchanging
  • Palletizing Wizard
  • Python, C++, Javascript, C# API
  • Motorcortex open data interface (all robot internal data is available through API)
  • Data Streaming interface (option), to stream setpoint data in realtime to the robot

More detailed information about the Motorcortex-Robot application can be found on