MOTORCORTEX-Core is a Linux C++ library that is the foundation of a MOTORCORTEX Control System. MOTORCORTEX-Core is based on Linux and can run on x86 or ARM based hardware. It is designed to be hard-realtime capable on certified hardware, such as the Vectioneer MXC-A4 controller, but also the Beckhoff CX series of embedded controllers are fully supported. Motorcortex-Core has built-in support for any type of EtherCAT hardware, such as Servodrives or digital and analog I/O. Servodrives from Synapticon, Elmo, Bosch-Rexroth, Schneider-Electric, Beckhoff have already be integrated into MOTORCORTEX applications.

MOTORCORTEX-Core provides thread-safe communication between realtime and non-realtime processes and provides an open (and free) interface to external programs, with bindings to most modern programming languages (e.g. Python 2.7/3.x, JavaScript, C++). Moreover MOTORCORTEX can communicate to a webbrowser directly at blazing speeds, without the need for browser plugins.

Developing your advanced control systems with MOTORCORTEX-Core is extremely easy and flexible, since the MOTORCORTEX development kit is built around C-Make and standard Linux compilers that are freely available, and easy to install. For more convenience, Vectioneer provides a C-LION plugin and project templates that get you started quickly. With C-LION it is possible to cross-compile your application and deploy it to your controller with the click of a button.

MOTORCORTEX-Core provides the following functionality:

  • Hard-Realtime capable
  • Multiprocessing
  • Memory management
  • High-performance Communication with Request/Reply and Publish/Subscribe Messaging Patterns
  • Advanced Event-Based State Machine
  • Error Handler, with support for errors on multiple different subsystems
  • Watchdog module
  • Open and free communication API for Python 2.7, Python 3.x, Javascript and C++
  • MOTORCORTEX runs on any hardware platform that supports Linux (e.g. Intel, ARM), even in the cloud (non-hard-realtime)


The perfect start to use MOTORCORTEX for your projects is the MOTORCORTEX ControlBox. It is the powerful and versatile basis of any robotic or general machine control system. Connect your EtherCAT servodrives and i/o devices and your laptop and start using them out of the box with our Genneric-App. This allows direct control of up to 6 servo-axis directly from your browser. The Generic-App has manual and automatic motion control capabilities. It even allows you to play motion profiles that you created in Excel ot Matlab.

Drive Jockey

Drive Jockey is a portable control system especially designed for field tests of Hydraulic Systems. It contains everything you need to test a Hydraulic Actuator and connect to any auxilary EtherCAT i/o devices. Conveniently hook-up your actuator and your laptop or tablet and start testing. No need to install any software, just use your browser to connect.

It uses a MOTORCORTEX based test application, that provides hydraulic closed loop control, safety (actuator abort), manual and automatic control fucntions and signal generators for running tests.

Tests that can be performed for instance are maximum velocity and accelration teste, abort speed test, frequency response, friction, step responses, damping.

Compatibility with the free MOTORCORTEX client libraries makes automating test procedures easy.