MOTORCORTEX-Core is a Linux C++ library that is the foundation of a MOTORCORTEX Control System. MOTORCORTEX-Core is based on Linux and can run on x86 or ARM based hardware. It is designed to be hard-realtime capable on certified hardware, such as the Vectioneer MXC-A4 controller, but also the Beckhoff CX series of embedded controllers are fully supported. Motorcortex-Core has built-in support for any type of EtherCAT hardware, such as Servodrives or digital and analog I/O. Servodrives from Synapticon, Elmo, Bosch-Rexroth, Schneider-Electric, Beckhoff have already be integrated into MOTORCORTEX applications.

MOTORCORTEX-Core provides thread-safe communication between realtime and non-realtime processes and provides an open (and free) interface to external programs, with bindings to most modern programming languages (e.g. Python 2.7/3.x, Javascript). Moreover MOTORCORTEX can communicate to a webbrowser directly, without the need for browser plugins.

Developing your advanced control systems with MOTORCORTEX-Core is extremely easy and flexible, since the MOTORCORTEX development kit is built around C-Make and standard Linux compilers that are freely available, and easy to install. For more convenience, Vectioneer provides a C-LION plugin and project templates that get you started quickly. With C-LION it is possible to cross-compile your application and deploy it to your controller with the click of a button.

MOTORCORTEX-Core provides the following functionality:

  • Hard-Realtime capable
  • Multiprocessing
  • Memory management
  • High-performance Communication with Request/Reply and Publish/Subscribe Messaging Patterns
  • Advanced Event-Based State Machine
  • Error Handler, with support for errors on multiple different subsystems
  • Watchdog module
  • Open and free communication API for Python 2.7, Python 3.x, Javascript


The MXC-A4 is an Embedded Controller for low-cost industrial or educational robotic applications. It has plenty of performance for even the most complex robotic control tasks and is especially designed for MOTORCORTEX hard-realtime based control systems. The MXC-A4 has hardware features especially designed for robotic control, such as an integrated dual channel Control System Watchdog that will trigger an Emergency Stop in case of a hardware or software failure. It also features dual network cards that both can be used as Realtime EtherCAT masters, or as normal network adapters. Moreover, it allows for a wide range of supply voltages and can be used in 24 VDC or 48 VDC applications directly, without any additional power supply.