With MOTORCORTEX you can easily build Industry 4.0 Hard-Real-Time Control Systems that can communicate with each other or systems at blazing speeds. In contrast to other Industrial Control Systems, MOTORCORTEX scales extremely well across CPUs and Systems. It can easily provide high-speed streaming data to hundreds of clients simultaneously, and also streams data directly to webbrowsers. Multiple applications, such as Visualization Dashboards, Human-Machine-Interfaces or Analytics Tools can connect to the machine directly, taking machine interaction to the next level.

At you can find all the tools to build, deploy, control and analyze machine control systems. MOTORCORTEX applications have already been deployed in the fields of robotics, industrial automation, machine monitoring, aerospace, entertainment and robotic toys.


The MOTORCORTEX Generic Control Case (GCC) is a complete Industrial Motion Control and Safety System in a small form-factor. Connect your EtherCAT Servo-Drives and I/O devices and your laptop and start using them out of the box with the pre-installed Generic-App from your Webbrowser. Or develop your own custom Motion Control System at and deploy it to the GCC.

The GCC is a Reference Platform from which you may derive your own application-specific MOTORCORTEX-powered control system. Access to detailed documentation of the hardware design is part of the delivery.

A common application for a MOTORCORTEX Control System is a 6 axis Lightweight Robot or Co-bot. For this type of application the Generic Control Case can be accompanied by the 48VDC Application Case. This case provides a 48VDC power (up to 32 A), EtherCAT and Safety feedthrough for conveniently connecting your robot.

Either use the Motorcortex-Generic-App on your GCC or add a license for the Motorcortex-Robot-App to control and program your 6 axis robot from the webbrowser.

Detailed information: MCX-AC-48-32 Datasheet-R02

The MCX Test Case is a portable Control System especially designed for field-tests of Hydraulic Systems. It contains everything you need to test a Hydraulic Servo Actuator and connect to any auxilary EtherCAT i/o devices. Conveniently hook-up your actuator and your laptop or tablet and start testing. No need to install any software, just use your browser to connect.

It uses a MOTORCORTEX based test application, that provides hydraulic closed loop control, safety (actuator abort), manual and automatic control functions and signal generators for running tests.

Tests that can be performed for instance are maximum velocity and accelration teste, abort speed test, frequency response, friction, step responses, damping.

The MCX test case is the solution to speed up your field tests using automatic testing and reporting, that can be programmed using Python, C++ or Javascript.

Detailed information: On Request