In 2015 Vectioneer upgraded the control systems of three very large Servo-Hydraulic Motion Systems for Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET) for Lufthansa Flight Training in Frankfurt.

The system consists of 4 controllers that are linked together in a network. A Hydraulic Management Unit (HMU) controls 3 Hydraulic Power Units supplying Hydraulic Pressure to a ring line that supplies three Motion Systems. Each Motion System has its own controller that can request Hydraulic Power from the HMU and then provides dynamic control of the Motion System.

The Motion Systems are built by Bosch Rexroth and are the largests of their kind in the world and are highly dynamic. The largest one moves a 55 ton paload of a two-story Boeing 747 cabin and is capable of accelerating this payload with up to 1 G. This means that the flight attendants can experience real heavy turbulence where their feet leave the floor.

As a gimmick, Vectioneer also supplied an application that can play music and synchronized motion on all three systems simultaneously. The motion was carefully choreographed in an in-house developed Motion Editor that allows exact synchronization to music or video files.